ProjectWise-Revit Integration: Resolving link location on local copy creation results to creating ce

Problem Description: The location of Central Model in Revit sometimes changes from the mapped drive to the local directory of the user as seen in the snapshots below.

Cause: When Revit is unable to find a linked file, it opens a “Resolve Links” window for the user. If while opening a file, the “Create New Local” option is ticked and the “Resolve Links” window pops up next, it creates a new Central File instead of new local file, hence the path of the central file changes. This is a defect identified in ProjectWise Explorer version and has been rectified in version.

Resolve Links to ProjectWise

Steps to recreate the issue: This happens when “Create New Local” is turned on while resolving links for the Central Model. This issue can be recreated using the following steps.

  1. Launch Revit and create new central file. Save it in ProjectWise Explorer
  2. Insert Revit Link to this file from ProjectWise. Save the file, close it and then check In.
  3. Open the ProjectWise Explorer and delete Revit link file which was linked in Step 2.
  4. Open central file from ProjectWise Explorer.
  5. In the 'Open File' dialog, select 'Create New Local' to create a local copy, click OK 
  6. Select new link file location in "Resolve Links" dialog and press OK button
  7. New central file will be created in the local machine instead of local copy

Solution to correct the path of the files:

  1. Open the files directly from ProjectWise without the create local option.
  2. Once the file is open, resolve the links, if any, then save and close file, it will get checked in.
  3. Open the file with the options you want to use.

Solution to avoid this issue: The only solution to avoid this issue is to upgrade to