Error while saving Revit Central Model to ProjectWise Explorer

Error Message:

“Cannot Initialize permissions files set, the current document will not be managed by ProjectWise”.

Issue Description:

Revit Integration with ProjectWise was giving the following error when trying to save a central model in ProjectWise Explorer. Only “.rvt” file gets created while the associated “.dat” files won’t get created in the folder.

The versions were as follows:

Windows OS: Windows 7

Revit 2018

ProjectWise Explorer:

The user had 3 different datasources, but this issue was specific to a datasource. Furthermore, a few users had version of ProjectWise Explorer installed on their machines. They did not face any issue with any of the datasources.

Cause and Resolution:

This was found as a defect. The user faces this issue only when the datasource setting “Display Descriptions” is enabled for the user through ProjectWise Explorer.

(Tools -> Options -> Settings and enable the option "Display Descriptions")

This was also tested against Revit 2015, and found to be valid.

This defect has been identified, filed and resolved in ProjectWise Explorer version