Opening Revit central file from ProjectWise keeps the files checked out

 Product(s):ProjectWise Explorer Client
 Area: Integration - Revit
 Subarea: Open / Close / Save As
 Original Author:Molly Watts, Bentley Technical Support Group

Problem Description

After creating the central file in ProjectWise, opening the file should only temporarily check out the .rvt and .dat files.  In this case, the files were staying checked out to the user.


The user was using the wrong program association.

Steps to Resolve

Option 1- set a global association (preferred option, to be used for the default action for all users that don't have a user association configured)

  1. On a machine with the appropriate Revit version installed, and integrated, log into the ProjectWise administrator

  2. In the applications section, browse to the appropriate Revit application and right click-properties

  3. In the Actions tab, create or modify the open action

      4.   Select the browse (...) button for program class name and choose ProjectWise integrated Revit

      5.   Remove any user assocations the user may have (tools-associations-programs-user assocations in ProjectWise Explorer, right click-unassociate anything under the open action)


Option 2- set a user association  (to be used for the default action for the one specific user)

      1.  In ProjectWise Explorer, logged in as the user that will be using Revit

      2.  Tools-associations-programs- user associations

      3.  Scroll to the AutoDesk Revit application-open

      4. Right click-new association

      5.  Choose the ProjectWise integrated Revit application

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