Error opening Revit central file, It is impossible to map to drive R:

 Product(s):ProjectWise Explorer Client
 Area: Integration - Revit
 Subarea: Open / Close / Save As
 Original Author:Molly Watts, Bentley Technical Support Group

Error or Warning Message

It is impossible to map drive R: since its already mapped or used by a physical device


Revit integration with ProjectWise requires a drive to be temporarily mapped on the users machine (R: by default), and in this case, the users machine already had a drive mapped using the R drive

How to Avoid

Option 1 Remove the existing R: drive on the users machine

Work with your IT group if you need help on this one, but to unmap the drive do the following

  1. Open Windows Explorer, right click on the R: drive and select Disconnect

  2. Open the rvt file like normal from ProjectWise

Option 2 Change the drive PW uses for Revit (this will change for ALL users)

  1. Log into ProjectWise Administrator
  2. Right click on the datasource name and choose Properties
  3. Select the Revit Integration tab
  4. Change the drive letter to one that all users should have available