Failed to Find Registered Class ID Error occur moving from SS2 TO SS3 & Later Version of MXRoad.

Applies To
Version(s):MXRoad V8i
Environment: N/A
Area: Draw
SubareaAnnotate Drawings or pages
Original Author:Purva Lakde. Product Advantage Group

This Video demonstrates, how to resolved the error which occurs in MXRoad SS3 & Later version of MXRoad, when go to Draw > Annotate Drawings or Pages and annotating Plan, Profile or cross sections, it throws an error message " Failed to Find Registered Class ID". In this Video, I only edited the Plan.mxtip file, but this will apply to Profiles and Cross Sections as well.

Click the video below to play it. To view in fullscreen mode, first click the YouTube link at the bottom of the video to launch the video on the YouTube site. Then, click the fullscreen button (rightmost button at bottom of video).