Negative Co-ordinates

Applies To 
Environment: Native
Area: Export to native
Original Author:Amita Shinde. Product Advantage Group


A terrain model has negative co-ordinates. An alignment is been designed in OpenRoads using the complex by element method. However, when we try to export the alignment to native using the 'Export to native' option, it fails to export.


You will need to "Allow" the negative co-ordinates, and then try to export the alignment to native. Following are the steps for same:

1. Start MX, and at the start up panel check mark the option "Edit Project Settings".

2. From the "Project Settings", select 'Units' and check mark the option "Allow Negative Co-ordinates", and give the highest value for 'Shift X' and 'Shift Y'.

3. Apply the changes.

4. Now, try to 'Export to Native' the alignment.

Make sure you have an active vertical profile for this alignment before you export to native.