Batch File Renaming in ProjectWise


Client has a number drawings they need rename. They would like to preserve the original drawing name and just add a prefix  in front of the filename. How do you do this? And more importantly can you do this in batch?
One way of doing this is to use the ProjectWise Explorer “Modify” command.


Steps to Accomplish

 1.     Open ProjectWise Explorer
2.      Select a few files | right click and Select Modify
3.      Click on the arrow next to the lock and select Document Name
a.      This will place a check in the box next to the Name field as well as populate the name field with “${DocNm}”
4.      You can add your prefix or suffix in front of $ or at the end of m}
5.      Click apply to see your changes
6.      For example say I have a few files named test1, test2, etc …
7.      If I populate my Name field with Front${DocNm}Back my result will be Fronttest1Back, Fronttest2Back, etc …


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 Original Author:Raul Guerrero