Document status incorrect on one PW client machine

Product(s):ProjectWise Explorer Client
Area: Installation
Original Author:Molly Watts, Bentley Technical Support Group


Problem Description

On one machine, a document in final status will show as "going out", checked in files show status of "final", turns out the machine had multiple versions of ProjectWise Admin and Explorer installed at one time.  (even though they matched at this particular time, the dlls were still mismatched as and can be seen by turning on the "file version" column in Windows Explorer by right clicking on the column names and selecting more)

Steps to Resolve

  1. Uninstall both the PW Explorer and PW Administrator
  2. Delete both install directories (c:\program files(x86)\Bentley\projectwise\bin and c:\program
  3. Reinstall both products of the same exact version.