BulkLoad tool crashes trying to import folder structure

Product(s):ProjectWise Explorer Client
Area: User Tools
Original Author:Mantas Nauseda, Bentley Technical Support Group

Problem Description

ProjectWise BulkLoad tool crashes trying to upload a folder structure (lots of sub folders and documents) right after you try to proceed to the next step after selecting folder to import.

Steps to Resolve

After investigations it appeared that the BulkLoad tool failed to load documents that had the path+file name length longer than 255 characters (this might happen when creating a folder structure in non Windows environment, like for example Linux).

To identify all paths that might be too long please use the following:

  1. Open comand line and navigate to folder that you want to import.
  2. Run command: dir /s/b > filelist.txt (this will create a list of path+file name)
  3. Open Excel and paste them in the column
  4. On the next column add formula: =LEN(A1) (the column that you used to paste the data). this will count characters in the path.
  5. Expand the formula to all rows, and now you can sort it by the number of characters

To be able to import these documents it is required to shorten the documents that has too long path. Most likely Windows will not allow modifying these paths, so it would be required to modify them in the system that was used to create this folder structure (like Linux).