Launching Specific InRoads Products

Version(s):08.11.07+, 08.11.09+
Area: Basic Settings



Users occasionally start InRoads by accident (we have licenses for InRoads Suite). In the past InRoads would alert that it is unlicensed. Now we are getting alerts of an overage because we have 0 InRoads licenses. Is there a way to stop InRoads from starting or redirect it to InRoads Suite?


All InRoads products are installed by default. The better method to limit the Users' ability to launch products would be to delete the shortcuts from Start, leaving only the product for which your company has a license.  After deleting the non-licensed product shortcuts, you can also send a shortcut for that licensed product to the users' desktop.

For more information on disabling unlicensed InRoads products, please see this article: