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Problem Description

Can I create a Document that is a link to a web address, so when I click on the document in ProjectWise Explorer, it will open Microsoft internet Explorer and open the web page to that web address?  If this is possible, how do I do it?


Set a global or user program associations using the WEB PAGE association for the extension of URL and set two actions one for view and one for open using IE as the program.

For user association.
In ProjectWise explorer, go to tools \ associations \programs
Change the ‘select an association view’ to “user associations”
Expand ‘web page’ and double click on ‘open’
Choose ‘internet explorer’ in the “Associate Program with application ‘web page’ dialog
Once you click okay on the above dialog you should see this
Do the same thing for the ‘viewer’ command
Click okay out of the program association box
You have now set a ‘user program association’ for the user you were logged into projectwise.
This will need to be set for each user.
Or if you can get access to the administrator you can set it globally.

Create a shortcut to the website:
right mouse click on the desktop, choose ‘new’ then ‘create shortcut’.  In the ‘type location of the item’ field copy and paste the url from the browser address bar, then hit next. give it a name click finish.  Drag and drop  the shortcut into projectwise. Projectwise will added the .url extention. 

Right click the file in projectwise and make sure the application is set to ‘web page’ click save okay

Now when you either right click the file and choose view, or double click the file to open you will first get a pop up that says "file download - Security warning". click open and the file will open in IE.

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