Error: From and To Drainage Structures are not in the Same Drainage Network

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 Environment: N/A
 Area: Drainage
 Original Author:Chris Key, Bentley Technical Support Group










When creating a drainage profile, the program is returning an error message stating:

"From and To drainage structures are not in the same network or the netrwork contains flow direction errors."



1.  The drainage database SDB may have separated areas containing network structures.  If there are locations where structures are not connected (imagine separate islands of network structures), these are treated as separate networks and the Profile cannot be generated across these undefined sections.  So when creating the profile, the structures must be contained in the same Network.

2.  Check each structure to make sure there is incoming flow and outgoing flow for that structure. Make sure you don't have the flow direction on the structures all going into a manhole or inlet and don't have any outflow.  This will result in flow direction errors.

3.  This has occurred in InRoads XM Version 8.9 and is a result of having 3 or more pipes flowing into an inlet or manhole.  If this is the case, the workaround is to cut one pipe at the junctions and 'inject' that flow into the downstream structure for the drainage computations.