Send To Options missing from PW Menu

Send To Options missing from PW Menu by Stephen Herrick

Has anyone come accross ProjectWise not displaying either the Sent To Options

Mail Recipient

Mail Recipient As Link...

This is only happening to our 64 bit os machines, it doesn't matter what PW Version.  I have gone through Microsofts technotes on repairing the mapi32.dll

They do have office 2010 32 bit version installed,



Re: Send To Options missing from PW Menu by Molly Watts:

Stephen, I found a couple more tips about resolving the missing mapi32.dll, if these also don't work, I suggest checking with your IT department.  

1) Make sure the user's mapi32.dll is not missing, or corrupt. You can download Outlook Express from Microsoft to get another copy of mapi32.dll file.

2) Check the user's win.ini file located in their C:\Windows directory. The Win.ini file is supposed to have a mail section between the [files] and [MCI Extensions.BAK] sections of the win.ini file. Below is the syntax that needs to be added.