Convert DTM to TIN and vice versa

Product(s):InRoads, MX, GEOPAK
Area: Terrain Model
Original Author:Beebe Ray, Bentley Technical Support Group



How do I convert a DTM from InRoads to a TIN in GEOPAK and vice versa?



Beginning with the Select Series 3 product line the conversion of a DTM to a TIN and vice versa can be done with the Terrain Model Tools in OpenRoads.

Steps to accomplish:

1.  Open DGN file

2.  From the Terrain Model Task menu, select Create from File tool.

3.  In the Select Files to Import dialog change the Files of type to InRoads DTM (*dtm)

4.  Select the DTM file and click Done.

5.  In the Import Terrain Model(s) dialog click Import.

6.  Close the Import Terrain Model(s) dialog.

7.  From the Terrain Model Task Menu select Export to File Tool.

8.  In the Export Terrain Model tool settings choose the previously created Terrain model for the Select Terrain option and set the Export Format to GEOPAK TIN (.tin)

9.  Follow the heads up prompts to accept the creation of the TIN and in the Export Terrain dialog key in a File Name and click Save.