Try again, unable to lock file – error message

Area: Geometry



When trying to open an ALG file, the error message “Try again,unable to lock file” appears. 

In addition, a file by the same name as the ALG file exists in the same folder but with a NLF extension and zero KB file size. Once the NLF file is renamed to a different extension or deleted, the ALG opens but the edits were not saved.


Look in the same folder as the ALG and delete the file with the same name as the alg but with the *.NLF extension.

The NLF file is created when multiple users are accessing the same ALG and one user needs to save changes to that file.  This temporary file is automatically deleted once changes have been written to the ALG file.

ProjectWise:  If working in a ProjectWise environment, the NLF file is created in the DMS folder on your local machine.  Navigate to the temporary dms folder and remove the .NLF file.  Then try to open the ALG again and it should be successful.