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Title block integration is the process of exchanging information between AutoCAD and ProjectWise from a single source of information stored in the database. The primary purpose of Title Block Integration is to automate the placement of a document's attribute information into an AutoCAD design file. The attribute data in ProjectWise is linked to attribute data in the design file.

Title block integration can be quite complicated so it is hoped that this TechNote will provide a descriptive summary of some of the basic Title Block functionality's and explain how to set up a simple Title Block.


Setting up

There are three basic steps to setting up Title block integration:

  1. Create the tag sets and Title Block Attribute block in an AutoCAD design file.
  2. Create Attribute Exchange rules in ProjectWise.
  3. Update the Title Block tags in the design file with the document information from the ProjectWise database.

Note: On the client machine, be sure that Title Block Integration is installed. To check this, go to control panel>add remove programs, highlight "ProjectWise Idesktop Integration" and click "Modify." When prompted for what products to change\modify, expand the AutoCAD tree until you see "Title Block Integration" and make sure this is turned on then click "Next" to install or "Cancel" to exit if it is already installed.


Creating the tag sets for the Title Block in AutoCAD

To create a tag set in AutoCAD:

  1. Open a new drawing.
  2. Draw the title block.
  3. keyin: attdef
  4. Under Attribute fill in:
    • Tag = Name of tag (FILENAME) (SIZE) - must use all upper case letters.
    • Prompt = What you will see when filling in the request info (File name).
    • Value = If it is a fixed value, enter it here.
    • Insertion = Click a data point in the drawing where the tag name should appear.
  5. Repeat until you have all the tags\attributes you want.
  6. Save the file with a name using all upper case letters: "TITLEBLOCK.DWG"
  7. Open a new file.
  8. Click ProjectWise>Insert Block.
  9. Browse and choose the file you just created with tags\attributes (TITLEBLOCK.DWG).
  10. Click OK.
  11. Place the block by placing a data point, then either click "Enter" through rest of the prompts, or put in the values requested. 
    If the dialog box does not appear, then you will be prompted to fill in the information for the tags in the status bar. Add the requested info or click "Enter" so that no value is set.
  12. Save the new file in ProjectWise.


Creating Attribute Exchange Rules

Attribute exchange rules are created in the ProjectWise Administrator. Attribute exchange rules control what document attributes are updated in place of the default values in the AutoCAD attribute. Attribute exchange rules also control how and when the attributes are updated.

Under the Attribute Exchange Rules there is a category for AutoCAD Title Blocks. Right click on "AutoCAD Title Blocks" and select "New Attribute Class". The Attribute Class must match the AutoCAD attribute block you create in AutoCAD. Above we created an AutoCAD block called "TITLEBLOCK", therefore the Attribute Class needs to be called "TITLEBLOCK".

As in AutoCAD, the Attribute Class and Attributes must be created using all uppercase text. To create an Attribute, right click on the Attribute Class "TITLEBLOCK" and select "New Attribute". The Attribute Wizard loads. Follow the steps in the Attribute Wizard to create a Title Block Attribute. The Attribute name must match the attribute in the AutoCAD attribute block. Above we created the Tags "FILENAME" and "SIZE". The Attributes must have the exact same name and must be in all uppercase text.

In the Attribute Wizard you will create the Binding for the associated document attribute. The Attribute Binding must have a selected environment. After selecting the Environment, choose the ProjectWise database attribute you want to associate. For example: DocFileName and/or DocSize.

Creating Attribute Exchange Rules

  1. Launch ProjectWise administrator and login to your data source.
  2. Expand Attribute Exchange Rules.
  3. Right click on "AutoCAD Title Blocks" and choose New > Attribute Class.
  4. Under the General Tab \ Identification, give your attribute class the same name as you gave your Attribute block dwg file. For example: "TITLEBLOCK" then click OK.

Creating the Bindings

  1. Highlight then right click your new attribute class.
  2. Choose New > Attribute. The new attribute wizard appears, click next.
  3. Give your new attribute the same name as one of the AutoCAD attributes you created. For example: FILENAME SIZE.
  4. On the "Binding the Attribute" page, click add.
  5. In the "Add Binding" dialog, choose your Environment then choose the property type. (Document, Folder, or Environment)
  6. Choose the attribute and click next.
  7. On the "Formatting Bindings" page, click next.
  8. Click Finish.

Repeat these steps until you have created all the bindings for all of your attributes.


Title block Update File Conditions

Update file conditions controls when ProjectWise triggers the events to update the tags in the AutoCAD design file. This is done through the AutoCAD Title Blocks Properties.

In ProjectWise Administrator right click on AutoCAD Title Blocks and select Properties. There are three options under Update File Conditions: Document is Opened, Document is Checked Out and Document is Copied Out.

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