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 There is a current appearance of the following message among some older Bentley applications connecting to a SELECTserver Gateway.

There are some different variations to the wording but the gist of the message remains the same that the application license has been revoked.  Here are the conditions to look for.

1)     You are using a pre-XM application (prior to the 8.9 XM releases of Bentley products).

2)     You are connecting that pre-XM application to a gateway directed to the Bentley HOSTED server          (

3)      The connecting Gateway is a version number of 08.09.xx.xx or prior.


If all of the prior conditions are met the resolution to this issue is to upgrade the SELECTserver gateway to the current release from the Bentley Download site. The current release version is You will need to do the following.


1)     Check the prerequisites to ensure the node will support the “new SELECTServer Gateway installation.

Technical Requirements:

*** Please note that during a full Install of SELECTserver the requirement for the.NET FRAMEWORK 4.0 would be installed if needed for you. The Gateway Service install does not check that requirement. If the .NET framework 4.0 is not installed on your node you will need to do so. A simple Google search will get you there. The following link will get you in the ballpark. ***

Microsoft .NET FRAMWORK 4 (web Installer)

2)     Log on the Bentley site (You will need your previously provided username and password.) If you are not the administrator for the site please contact your local Bentley administrator who has the permissions to down load from the Bentley site.

3)     Once you are logged in use the following search parameters

4)     Select the SELECTserver gateway Service download that fits your particular operating system.


5)     Download and save the application to a temp directory.

Upgrade steps

1.     Review the technical requirements for SELECTserver (09.XX.XX.XX).

Technical Requirements:

2.     Download the version to match your operating system: 32-bit or 64-bit.

3.     Uninstall the old version first.  (very important)

4.     DO NOT REMOVE the registry keys if asked. The and prior version do ask this question. Leaving the keys allows the newer version to “auto configure” the application based on the retained registry information.

5.     Run the executable for the downloaded version and follow the prompts for installation.

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