How to keep users from creating folders

 Product(s):ProjectWise Explorer Client
 Area: Security and Permissions
 Original Author:Dana Guthrie, Bentley Technical Support Group

How to keep users from creating folders


I have users who are creating folders all over the datasource.  We are trying to keep a standard folder structure for each project.  What permissions or settings can we use to keep users from creating folders?

Steps to Accomplish

Option 1:  Remove the project/folder security permission "create Subfolder".

  1. In ProjectWise Explorer, right click on a project folder or parent folder, choose properties, folder security.
  2. For any group or user us have assigned to this folder, uncheck the option for "Create Subfolder" and allow the permissions to inherit down.
  3. This would be per folder or project, so if you set it at the top level and allowed it to inherit down, it would apply for that folder structure.
  4. Additionally you could set this at the datasource level which obviously would apply for the entire datasource. In Projectwise Administrator, right click the datasource, Properties, Folder Security, assign the everyone group, and uncheck the "Create" permission.
  5. Just as a side note, any folder the user has already created and owns, he will be able to create folders and files under what he owns.  To  keep the user from creating more sub folders under the folder he owns you would have to go in and take or change ownership.
    ***There is another datasource setting under Miscellaneous called "grant implicit \ change permissions rights to owners of project folders and documents.  This is on by Default.  IF you turn this off then users will not have implicit change permissions to the objects they create in the future.

Option 2: Under the user setting uncheck the 'Create' setting under the Folder node

  1. In ProjectWise Administrator, right click the user name, choose properties, settings, then expand the Folder node.  Uncheck the setting 'Create'.

  2. Even if the user has permissions to create a subfolder they will not be able to because of this user setting.  So this is for the entire datasource.