Deployed SELECTserver issue with new Bentley SSL certificate

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 Original Author:John Lee, Bentley Technical Support Group


In the use case, the deployed SELECTserver running transmitting log encounters the following message.

Data Update Service - WARNING with status code 2 - service start time: - An error occurred retrieving the license
from - A server certificate could not be validated.


Problem Description

"A server certificate could not be validated" error for Data Update Service and Request/Update License

The same issue may affect SELECTserver (SS) Gateway only against hosted, in this case in SS GW log:

Error checking SELECTserver (SS) version: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.

This happens only if SS or SS GW is configured to talk with in HTTPS.


This may happen when user's system does not trust the Certification Authority that issued the certificate. The Certification Authority information is kept in the registry. The list of Certification Authorities is kept up-to-date by Windows Update utility.

To resolve this issue run the installcert.bat file (provided in the package).

Once the files have been extracted from the zip run the installcert.bat file. When using the Windows 7 or Server 2008 operating system because of the User Access Control (UAC) you must RIGHT-CLICK on the file and choose the "Run “As Administrator” option to properly execute the bat file.

The file can be found at:

Note: The package contains the following files: CertMgr.exe, digicert.cer, digicert_int_ca.cer and the installcert.bat files