Setup failed: could not create OFLOADER account

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Problem Description

Problem installing Orchestration Framework.  We get to the point where we input a domain name, user name and password, hit okay, and then get an error that says “setup failed:  could not create OFLOADER account.”  When we click okay to the message it roles the installation back.

At a dos prompt go to the install directory for orchestration and run
createuser.exe OFLOADER bofpw

 This will print out an exception
         catch (Exception ex)

This may or may not kick out an exception.  If it does send in the exception information.
If it succeeds, and no exception is thrown then see solution below.


We ran Process Monitor from SysInternals, and found an error that said “Bad Impersonation” when trying to access HKU which is when the error message pops up during installation.
There are some technotes from Microsoft on the “Impersonate a Client After Authentication” permission on the system.
If you have the windows resource kit loaded you can run   showpriv.exe SeImpersonatePrivilege   The user you are using to install the software (or a group they are a member of) should be listed as having this permission. This is an overview of the permissions  (it’s for 2000 but the same applies to 2003) and this article may apply although I’m not sure

Once we corrected this permission, the user was able to complete the installation of Orchestration.

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