The role of ustationwrapper.exe in ProjectWise 8.9

 Product(s):ProjectWise V8 XM Edition
 Area: Orchestration Framework
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What is the role of ustationwrapper.exe in ProjectWise 8.9?



Ustationwrapper.exe creates a clean and unique environment under which ustation.exe will be started.  Some of the tasks performed are as follows:

• In order to always have the best path to MicroStation it takes a version range and finds the path to the latest MicroStation within that version range by searching through the registry.
• Creates an environment where multiple MSProcessors can run concurrently.  Each MSProcessor has a unique space for reading and writing files that are a natural byproduct of MicroStation processing such as user preference and temporary files.
• Creates an environment where multiple MSProcessors can run headless.  All modal dialog boxes are suppressed. 
• Redirects MicroStation console log to a unique file
• Services don't have access to mapped network drives.  It finds all drives that should be mapped and maps them.
• When the MSProcessor finishes processing a list of key-ins, any files that are locked must get unlocked.  This is achieved by switching into a unique empty design file provided by the ustationwrapper.

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