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Can SELECTserver enforce usage counts, or can I configure my SELECTserver to enforce usage counts?

No, SELECTserver is not capable of enforcing a cap on usage due to the elimination of a real-time connection between the licensed application and the license server. It will report overages, but cannot be configured to prevent using too many copies of an application. If application usage is exceeded, SELECTserver will continue to provide licenses for that application.

The fundamental reason for this is not to extract more licenses, but to guarantee that a user is never shut out of a Bentley application. Notifications inform you if and when you have exceeded your usage count. If usage counts are continuously exceeded, an account should consider adding more licenses for that application.

Is Bentley going to stop providing pooled licensing?

No, Bentley will continue to offer pooled licensing for our MicroStation and discipline-specific desktop applications. We do believe, however, that named user licensing and its universal approach to server access, is the most beneficial way to enable access to our ProjectWise servers.

What if my network goes down and I cannot get a license?

SELECTserver is not a real-time license server, so if a connection is lost, licensed applications are still able to run in full-functioning mode. If the disconnected state persists, the application can still run for up to 30 days, in most situations.

Users at my company often start a Bentley application in order to "reserve a license" for later use. Is that a good practice to continue when using applications served by SELECTserver?

The practice of opening a MicroStation session to avoid being shut out of obtaining a license later is no longer necessary or encouraged. Trust licensing ensures that "running out of licenses" will no longer prevent users from running their applications when project demand requires it.

If idle usage of an application becomes problematic, there is a configuration variable that can be set to close a MicroStation design session after a user-defined period of inactivity occurs.

Is there actually a license file that XM and V8i applications use?

There are no actual license files for XM Edition applications. Product activation, including activation via a SELECTserver, is now stored in the operating system registry. This information can be managed by the License Management Tool or it can be managed using a Windows Domain Group Policy setting.

Does SELECTserver still support checked out licenses?

SELECTserver allows licenses to be checked out of license pools it manages. In the past, the maximum term of a checked out license was 90 days. SELECTserver introduces extended check out periods, up to the remaining term of an account's SELECT Agreement. In addition, a checked-out license can be generated by the system administrator and emailed to a remote user for local deployment.

For non-SELECT accounts (license types): If all usages of an application are designated as check-out licenses and all the check-out licenses have been checked out, no additional usages of that application are available.

Do node-locked licenses have to check into SELECTserver Online every 30 days?

No. Checked-out (i.e., "node-locked") licenses are assumed to be in full use and do not log or report usage. Checked-out licenses do carry a term, however, and may need to be refreshed periodically.

What's the difference between ProjectWise Passports and ProjectWise Named User (PWNU) licenses and UCLs?

ProjectWise Passport is the new name for all ProjectWise Client licenses. ProjectWise Passport replaces the Universal Client License (UCL) and the PWNU licenses. With the release of the V8 XM Edition, ProjectWise Passports are tracked and reported based on user names, not machine names. 

What's the difference between a ProjectWise Passport and a CAL?

A CAL is a unique connection between one user and one server. A ProjectWise Passport works universally, with any and all licensed servers. A ProjectWise Passport requires SELECT coverage and can be managed by SELECTserver.

The Bentley model has the benefit of allowing all users unrestricted access to all ProjectWise clients and server applications. If, for example, a site has 100 ProjectWise Passports and 5 server applications, our licensing model permits all licensed users to connect to all servers, if all users use all of the server applications. 

A subcontractor needs to access documents managed by ProjectWise, but we do not want the subcontractor to use our licenses. Is there an option to support this condition?

ProjectWise Integration Server (like most Bentley servers) brokers client licenses to all users. In other words, wherever the ProjectWise Integration Server is licensed, the client application (i.e., ProjectWise Explorer) will also be licensed.

However, Bentley is introducing local license support for ProjectWise Explorer with the release of ProjectWise v08.09.03.xx SELECT Update (4Q2006). Settings on the Integration Server can be configured so that specific users (maybe external, maybe internal users at another site) are required to provide their own local license in order to use ProjectWise Explorer and access the Integration Server. In this case, the "external" user would activate and log usage to their own SELECTserver, not the SELECTserver of the owner of the ProjectWise system they are accessing. 

Why does "SELECTserver" show up in the usage reports for all of my sites?

All Sites defined in a license will always show a SELECTserver usage. This is not an indication that a user has activated a product against a SELECTserver at that site. It is simply an indication that the Site is in a license attached to a SELECTserver that is running. As long as the machine indicated in the usage log is the name of the expected server, there is no need for concern. And if it were the "wrong" machine - a "rogue" SELECTserver - it would be showing up in the logs as a second usage. 

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