Distribution error-index was outside the bounds of the array

 Product(s):ProjectWise Server V8i
 Area: Distribution Services
 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group

Problem Description

User is running a distribution job, and the distribution part fails with error "index was outside the bounds of the array"


The problem was that the path of the document contained a "/" in the name of one of the folders.  This caused distribution to think it was two separate folders.   This can also happen if the "/" is in the description of the folder.

Changing the name of the folder to not contain that character, allowed the job to complete successfully. 

note that \ or / is not a supported character in folder names and can cause other issues as well:
(from PW help file)
Note: For legacy reasons ProjectWise will allow you to create a folder name that contains the "\" character. However, "\" is an invalid character in folder names in the operating system, therefore if you export a ProjectWise folder that contains "\" in the name, it will split the folders in two, the latter becoming a subfolder of the former (if the folder name is DGNS\DWGS, after export DWGS will become a subfolder of DGNS on the local file system).

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