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 Original Author:James White, Bentley Technical Support Group


Backed up and resotred the old database and received the following
error message: Database not ready - DB Status Code: -20004 - Error Message: Incorrect SELECTserver database version. Expected version 3.71, found version
2.32. Is there a way to upgrade the database to the current version?


The issue is that the SELECTserver (newer version) expects a different
version of the database. This is an issue because the DB was backed up
(old version) and restored to a newer version of SELECTServer.

1) The Database Setup Tool (DST) is the connection point
2) Open the DST and ensure you are pointed to the correct database with
the correct credentials
3) It will tell you the same message that you saw about expecting
version (2) but finding (1)
4) Simply telling it "OK" will allow the database schema to be updated
to the correct version matching the updated SELECTserver installation.

The configuration is not backwards compatible; The system will not
automatically "downgrade" the database schema version if it is newer
than the SELECTserver install. Bentley systems does not recommend going
back to older versions of SELECTserver.

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