GreenBook - Best Practices

GreenBooks are created by Bentley Professional Services to provide “Best Practices” as it relates to utilizing software solutions for the infrastructure lifecycle. This not only includes Bentley software, but others that are commonly used in infrastructure projects. The guides rely on the hundreds of Bentley Professional Services colleagues around the world in documenting best practices that have made our customers more efficient in their use of infrastructure software.

GreenBooks can take on various formats from a quick TechNote, How to Guide, Instructional Manual, White Paper, to a full Book format. All GreenBooks are provided in PDF format for downloading and printing. Because these are continually being updated with new information, always check online for the latest revision.

GreenBooks are often published in a Draft state first.  This allows for earlier access to potentially valuable information. Because of this fact, draft documents are sometimes less polished and could contain errors that a more extensive and time consuming review process would discover.

ProjectWise Design Integration (General)

GreenBook - ProjectWise Security - Download (Published September, 2021)

GreenBook - ProjectWise Systems Architecture - Download (Published 2022)

GreenBook - ProjectWise Integrated Civil 3D User Best Practices [2018] - Download  (Published June, 2018)

GreenBook - ProjectWise Integrated Civil 3D Guide for PW Admins - Download (Published October, 2021)

GreenBook - ProjectWise Attribute Exchange Best Practices - Download (Published December, 2018)


ProjectWise Managed Services (Hosted)

GreenBook - PW Managed Services - Download (Published June, 2022)

GreenBook - PW Managed Services - Support - Download (Published June, 2022)

GreenBook - PW Managed Services - GoodSync Installation and Configuration - (Published June, 2022)
                                                                [THIS DOCUMENT HAS BEEN REMOVED | PENDING UPDATES]

GreenBook - PW Managed Services - Caching Server - Download (Published June, 2022)

GreenBook - PW Managed Services - ICS & SwitchBoard Service - Download (Published June, 2022)