How do I keep usage reports current?

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Subarea: License Management
Original Author:Jeremy Hoesly, Bentley Technical Support Group


Problem Description

When Bentley products are used, the usage is recorded and stored locally on workstations. The usage is then reported to SELECTserver on the next day when a Bentley product is opened. This delay between the point when usage is incurred and the point when such usage is reported can become significant if Bentley products are used infrequently. For example, if a user incurs usage for a product on a workstation and then does not open a Bentley product on the workstation for a week, the usage will not be known to SELECTserver or appear in SELECTserver usage reports until then. Because of this behavior, usage data in reports, especially for the last few days, will change as SELECTserver receives additional usage.

Steps to Resolve

Fortunately, workstations can send any recorded usage to SELECTserver in one of the following ways:

Option 1: Send logs from the License Management Tool.

Bentley provides a utility with a graphical user interface for the configuration of license settings. To use tool to send usage, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the License Management Tool included with Bentley products. A shortcut is often included in the Windows Start menu under the product folder (Windows 7 and earlier) or on the Windows Start screen as a tile (Windows 8).
  2. Select "Send Logs Now" from the Tools menu.
  3. A progress dialog will appear while usage is being sent.

Option 2: Run Bentley.lictransmit.exe to send logs programmatically.

The Send Logs Now command covered in the previous option is performed in the background by a utility called Bentley.lictransmit.exe. It is also included with Bentley products alongside the License Management Tool. Bentley.lictransmit.exe can be executed directly from a command line to send logs. One can also use the Task Scheduler in Windows to run the utility once a day to ensure timely reporting of usage data regardless of how often Bentley products are used. The following Microsoft technical note provides instructions for scheduling a task.

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