How products are licensed under Subscription Entitlement Service

Subscription Entitlement Service activates products very differently than its predecessor, SELECTserver. This wiki is intended to help administrators better understand how product licenses, known as entitlements, are obtained.

Login-based activation

Subscription Entitlement Service products are activated with a Bentley login entered in the CONNECTION Client.  Each user is intended to have a unique login matching an email address. These logins are associated to an organization-wide account or hierarchy. Contracts associated to the hierarchy provide product licenses or entitlements to users. Administrators can optionally restrict specific logins or groups of logins (known as Entitlement Groups) to a subset of products as needed.

Country-based access to entitlements

A Bentley login has access to all product licenses within the organization for a specific country. License access can be designated specifically with an Entitlement Country attribute within User Management. If an Entitlement Country is not designated, the following logic is used by default:

  1. The Profile Country attribute on a Bentley login is compared with the countries represented on contracts for the organization. If a match is found, licenses for that country are available to the login.
  2. If the Profile Country attribute on a Bentley login does not match any countries represented, licenses for the country with the highest annual recurring revenue are made available to the login.

An administrator can optionally override the default logic via the Entitlement Management site by selecting Users and Groups → Entitlement Country from the menu icon.

WarningImportant: If an Entitlement Country attribute is designated in User Management for a Bentley login, it will always take precedence. If designated, ensure the Entitlement Country on a Bentley login corresponds to a country for which you have contracts. Otherwise, a Bentley login will fail to retrieve any licenses, causing activation issues for Subscription Entitlement Service products.

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