Viewing And Checking In Licenses Using The Site Administration Page [TN]

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 Product(s):RAM, STAAD, AutoPIPE, SACS, MaxSurf, MultiFrame
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Legacy RAM, STAAD, AutoPIPE, SACS, MaxSurf, and MultiFrame products must obtain licenses to open, and these licenses are returned when the product is closed. The Bentley IEG License Service manages the automatic check-out and check-in of these licenses and is a dependency for these products. Starting at the end of 2013, most of these products became standard "Trust" licensed products, which eliminated this requirement. For details on which versions of the products require the IEG License layer, refer to How products that use the Bentley IEG License Service are licensed.

This wiki is intended to show how a license that is stranded in a checked-out status can be checked back in by the SELECT Server site administrator. That situation would arise when any earlier version of these products terminated abnormally or when the connection to SELECT server was lost as the time the program was closed.

The same process can also apply when a user intentionally checks out a license from the License Management Tool, but simply forgets to check it back in.  


The License Management Tool installed on a workstation is helpful for determining what licenses are available for use, but it is not helpful for determining where those licenses are currently in use. Additionally, the License Management Tool is useful for manually returning licenses on a particular workstation only. Fortunately, SELECTserver provides "site administrators" with a tool called the site administration page that can address this. Licenses can be viewed for the entire site, and licenses can be checked in from this tool if necessary.

The site administration page is accessed using a web browser i.e. Internet Explorer. If your licenses are managed by Bentley's Hosted SELECTserver (called SELECTserver OnLine), go to the following address:

A login screen like the one below will appear. A Bentley SELECT login with administrator rights is required to access the "hosted" SELECTserver. If you do not know the identity of your Bentley Site Administrator, or do not have a Site Administrator, please contact Bentley Technical Support for further assistance.

If your licenses are managed on a server of your own running our SELECTserver software (called a "deployed" server), go to the following address, replacing "servername" with the name of your license server:


Once on the site administration web page, locate License Management in the navigation bar along the top. Place your mouse over it, and select Checkedout License List from the drop-down menu.

The following page displays all licenses that are currently in use, complete with the product, user, and computer name.

If you are a multi-site administrator, please select a site from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner first to see the licenses for that site. If you manage one site only, the drop-down menu will automatically select the site for you.

To manually return or "check in" a license, click the Check-In button to the left of a license listing (circled in the screenshot below).

Important: Licenses should only be manually returned if they failed to return to the license server after the program was closed.

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