Custom Activation Groups

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What are Custom Activation Groups?

Custom Activation Groups are site activation keys that allow your organization to provide users with valid licensing information without releasing your organization’s primary site activation key. Custom Activation Groups can be created for specific products with specific expiration dates within the product and date constraints of your license pool and SELECT agreement.

Utilizing a Custom Activation Group allows for the sub-division of your site’s license pool for distribution to various designated groups while also allowing for usage tracking. Application usage for Custom Activation Groups is recorded against the main site to which the key is created, and there are multiple reports available in the SELECTserver interface which can be used to view the usage data.

Who Can Use a Custom Activation Group?

Typically, Custom Activation Groups are utilized by organizations that have internal departments sharing a license pool but want to limit the applications available to each group. However, Custom Activation Groups can be utilized in many other scenarios where your organization collaborates with others (such as contractors or project participants).

Since a Custom Activation Group is just a type of sub-division of your organization’s license pool, the activation information can be used anywhere your primary site activation key can be used. Client machines will connect to your organization’s SELECTserver in order to activate.

How do I Create a Custom Activation Group?

Access to your organization’s SELECTserver Administration Page is required to create a Custom Activation Group. (For organizations utilizing SELECTserver OnLine, a Bentley Login and Password is required with the appropriate permissions.)

1. Navigate to your SELECTserver Administration Page. From the Navigation Bar, go to Site Configuration, then, Custom Activation Groups.

2. Click the New Group button.


3. A pop up box requesting the following information will appear.


4. Enter a Group Name. (A Group Description is optional.)

5. Click the Check Box to select the applications available via the Custom Activation Group.

How Do I activate with a Custom Activation Group?

Click here for detailed information on activating an application based on your organization’s SELECTserver configuration.

How do I migrate users to a custom activation group?

Click here for strategies for migrating users to a custom activation group and preventing unauthorized use of a main site activation key.

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