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Why do I get a message stating I am in Disconnected Mode when I start a Bentley Application?

To ensure our users always have fully functional Bentley applications, our Trust Licensing scheme is designed to work offline as affectively as it does online. The license client will make a daily attempt to send log files to SELECTserver. That attempt is typically made when a Bentley application is first run that day. If the license client is unable to send its logs, the application runs in Disconnected Mode. Disconnected Mode is a fully functional mode for running Bentley applications. Disconnected Mode is synonymous with working ‘offline' with SELECTserver. The alert message is displayed simply as a notification that logs were not able to be sent and depending on the application, they will need to be sent within 30 days.

Do I need to re-activate my machine with the Activation Wizard?

If the machine has been successfully activated there is no need to re-activate the machine. Simply click ‘No' to running the Activation Wizard and continue initiating your Bentley application.

Why am I in Disconnected Mode?

A network connection between your workstation and SELECT Server could not be established to send usage log files. This could be due to SELECTserver being busy or unavailable during the time your workstations attempted to send the logs.

Will all my applications' functionality be available in Disconnected Mode?


Can I force the logs to be sent?

Yes, open the License Management tool and navigate to Tools > Send Logs Now or press the F9 key. An oscillating dialog will appear while this brief process takes place.

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