Details for April 30th 2021 SELECTserver sunsetting event

Summary of Announcement

On April 30, 2021, the next phase of SELECTserver sunsetting was successfully implemented. All SELECTserver traffic going forward will be routed to the Subscription Entitlement Service and the SELECTserver Administrator interface has be disabled.

Configurations on end-user machines will not need to change for this transition. The same server name and activation keys will continue to work. Administration of activation keys will be done in Entitlement Management after the switch.

To see more detail about this transition, but visit the SELECTserver to SES Migration Guide.

If you do encounter issues, it's recommended to first check the Bentley Cloud Service Status page.  If no critical issues are described there, then please submit a Service Request by using the Service Request Manager and choosing Licensing and User Administration in the "How can we help you?" section.  

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