How to display survey annotations and decorators from a reference dgn in OpenRoads/OpenRail/OpenSite

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Area: Survey
Original Author:Marcus Blake, Bentley Technical Support Group


I have navigated to the Survey>Analyze>Decorations and turned on the survey decorations for Name, Field Code, Elevations in my active dgn, but when I reference this dgn into another dgn these decorators do not appear. Is there a way to display survey decorators from a reference file?


No. Survey decorators are temporary graphics associated with the dgn that contains the linked survey data. For simplicity we will refer to this dgn as the "survey.dgn". These graphics will not appear if the survey.dgn is referenced into another dgn. To display these properties from a referenced file we will need to permanently write the graphics to the survey.dgn . This can be done opening the survey.dgn and using the element or model annotation tools.  

Point annotations such as Name, Field Code, Elevations must be configured via a text favorite. If these properties are not displaying in the survey dgn it is most likely not configured properly.

Here's additional learning resources about how annotations are configured for survey data.