Performing a Fiddler trace


Troubleshooting of connectivity problems with our web services may require diagnostic data not available in product diagnostic logs. This wiki provides steps to capture web traffic using a free web diagnostic tool from Telerik called Fiddler.

Steps to accomplish

*** Before you begin please open the task manager and end task the Bentley.Licensing.Service.exe process first, then end task the Bentley.Connect.Client.exe.

Please perform the following steps to perform a web capture of a problem:

  1. Download FiddlerCap by clicking the Download Installer button in the lower leftdo not use the Download Now button in the upper right.
  2. Run the installer, and click the Install button.
    Note: Installation does not require administrator access.
    Screenshot of FiddlerCap installer
  3. Once installation is complete, click the Close button to exit the installer and start FiddlerCap.
    Screenshot completed FiddlerCap installation
  4. In the window that appears, select the "Decrypt HTTPS traffic" checkbox. This enables us to analyze web traffic to and from our servers which is typically encrypted for security.
    Screenshot with decryption option highlighted
  5. An informational alert appears explaining that a security certificate must be temporarily installed to decrypt HTTPS traffic. Click OK to dismiss the message.
  6. Click the Yes button in the dialog that appears to temporarily install the security certificate.
    Note: You will be prompted to remove the security certificate later when FiddlerCap is closed.
    Screenshot of security certificate installation
  7. Click the Clear Cookies button under the Tools section followed by Clear Cache.
    Screenshot demonstrating clearing of cache and cookies
  8. For security reasons, consider closing any unrelated programs to avoid capturing traffic from non-Bentley applications.
  9. Click the Start Capture button.
    Screenshot demonstrating start of capture
  10. Internet Explorer will open automatically. Either navigate to the problem site, or close Internet Explorer, and reproduce the problem with your product.
  11. After reproducing the problem, return to FiddlerCap, and click the Stop Capture button.
    Screenshot demonstrating stop of capture
  12. Click the Save Capture button, and save the resulting SAZ file.
    Screenshot demonstrating save of capture
  13. Close FiddlerCap. When prompted whether to delete the certificate that was installed earlier, click the Yes button.
    Screenshot of certificate deletion dialog
  14. If no longer needed, FiddlerCap can be uninstalled from the Apps and Features or Programs and Features control panel. Again, administrator access is not required.

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