Registered User - Administrator Process

What is the purpose of this information?

To provide the *Fulfillment Contacts and **Account Administrators/Co-Administrators the steps to register users (one person may have both of these roles). 

*Please note: Every Organization has at least one Fulfillment Contact registered at the time of purchase. The Fulfillment Contact needs to use the Forgot Password steps to complete the registration as noted in Step 3 below.  Once registered, the Fulfillment Contact can add Account Administrators or other users.

Step1 : Add Your Users Into User Management

  1. Go to User Management then follow one of these options.
    1. Use the Bulk Register Users to add them in User Management.
    2. Register User Individually in User Management by clicking: Manage > Add Users.  Enter the email address, First name, Last name, and Country of each user and then click Submit

*Users will need the Product Delivery - Download role assigned to them if the Admin wants the users to download and install additional Bentley applications.

2. You can enable Auto Approval for your domain so that any user missed in the Bulk Import process will automatically be added if that user follows the Individual User Process

Step 2: Deploy the CONNECTION Client

The CONNECTION Client may be delivered with a CONNECT Edition application using Subscription Entitlement Service that you have already installed.  If not, download it (32 or 64-bit version) from the Bentley iWare store

To deploy the CONNECTION Client to the users in your Organization, there are three options available to select: 

Step 3: Users Sign In

  1. Open the CONNECTION Client from the system tray or desktop icon
  2. Select ‘Forgot password?’ and complete the information


  3. After the user creates their password, they can sign into the CONNECTION Client.  Each user will be required to accept the Terms of Service.

*Please note: You can’t proceed without accepting the ‘Terms of Service’.  For addition information on Bentley Cloud policies and certifications, please visit the Trust Center


Registration is now complete! 

Users are registered with Bentley and they will be able to use their email and password used in this process to enable Bentley applications that use the Subscription Entitlement Service where sign-in is required.

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