OpenRoads Designer Workflow - Voice Command

                   Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Area:Voice Command


1. It’s a C# base MDL app which works on any MicroStation & MicroStation based design application for ex. OpenRoads,OpenBridge, OpenPlant etc.

2. User can give Voice Commands for all generally used key-In tasks like Attach Reference, Show Properties, Window Tile & many many more. 

3. Application listens to your commands & upon matching command successfully, it performs the Key In action in the background 

4. Along with MicroStation Voice Commands set, User would get Pre-loaded Voice Commands for some Design Applications like OpenRoads Designer, OpenBridge Modeler, OpenPlant Modeler etc.

Note : To download MDL app, installation steps & for more details, please refer the link below:  

Below is the video which demonstrates OpenRoads Designer Workflow using Voice Commands: