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The ProjectWise Project portal provides access to all of the available Services that can be associated to a ProjectWise Project. The ProjectWise Project portal is the gateway to the Services you may need to complete your work.

Here is a description of the Services that can be enabled from the ProjectWise Project portal. See ProjectWise Portal Overview for a summary of it.  

ProjectWise 365 Services: 

Share - Facilitates the sharing of content between Team Members that are associated with a Project.

ProjectWise Web Connections - Lets you and your team collaborate on projects by securely sharing files and documents using a web browser. You can access ProjectWise Work Areas from your Design Integration common data environment.

Deliverables Management - Provides secure deliverables exchange between business entities. It ensures that deliverables package information can be trusted, speeds up the preparation process, and makes it easy to identify and resolve urgent issues. For more information see: ProjectWise Deliverables Management Help

Project Insights - Automates your reporting of design project performance, enabling more informed and proactive decision-making with regular access to analytics and trends. With insight into project performance drivers, you can identify problems sooner and more effectively monitor best practices to save time, reduce risk, and deliver high-quality designs. For more information see: ProjectWise Project Insights

Portfolio Insights - aggregates and compares KPIs from multiple projects. Stay competitive by driving, assessing, and fine-tuning your Digital Transformation program performance by using Portfolio Insights to track and compare key metrics from multiple projects. For help with setup see ProjectWise Project Insights Help

Issue Resolution – Where you manage Punch Lists for Navigator CONNECT Edition. For more information see: Punch Lists, Issues Resolution Services Office Site Field Best Practice, and Navigator CONNECT Edition and Issues Resolution Services FAQ

Forms - ProjectWise Forms/Issues lets you create and view forms made for a specific ProjectWise project. These forms can also be seen in client apps such as ProjectWise Edge or ProjectWise Worksite. For help with Forms please see ProjectWise Forms Help

Components Center - Enables design teams to rapidly find and approve digital components ensuring better quality designs and digital twins. To learn more about Components Center please check out the project page

iTwin Services:

PlanSight (Early Access)- is a set of cloud-enabled services from Bentley and Siemens that delivers a complete plant overview in a consolidated and validated data model for a managed Digital Twin. The digital solution allows those involved in maintenance and operations to easily access all relevant engineering and operations information including P&IDs and 3D models. With PlantSight's services, you can visualize the Digital Twin from the web when needed. For more information see PlantSight Help

iModel Manager - Helps you create and configure iModels for use with iTwin Services – Bentley's digital twin cloud services for infrastructure engineering. To learn more about iModel Manager check out the product page.

OpenTower iQ - Provides end-to-end solutions to the Telecommunication Tower Owners and Operators in order to accelerate digital transformation required for 5G implementations, and the ability to digitize and transform the asset-based business. The goal of OpenTower iQ is Digitizing Tower through Automation. For more information See OpenTower iQ Help

OpenUtilities Digital Twin Services (Early Access) - The Digital Twin is new in the utilities industry, but did you know you already have the capability to create an Electrical Digital Twin? By combining a GIS, Planning, and Operation dataset into a single Connected Data Environment, the Electrical Digital Twin enables cloud-based applications, and the desktop application, to use the same data from multiple sources to perform detailed engineering analysis. For more information see OpenUtilities Help

ProjectWise ContextShare -  Is a cloud-based Reality Modeling solution allowing you to manage large quantities of Reality Modeling data including Reality Mesh, Point Cloud and Images. For more information see ProjectWise ContextShare Help

Optioneering Center - Service which allows you to run engineering design simulations on the cloud. For more information see: Optioneering Center

 **Services that are in early or limited access will display a yellow badge

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