SELECTserver Gateway error 1067


Gateway service does not start, when trying to start it via Windows services, error 1067 appears.


  1. Reinstall gateway.
  2. Select Server Gateway Configuration Tool from Start > Programs > Bentley > SELECTServer > SELECTServer Gateway Configuration.
  3. Are server name (= computer name) and site activation key entered correctly? It is best to enter them again with Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v and click on Test Connection.
  4. Is a proxy used to access the Internet? If yes, enter the proxy with the port number in the SELECTServer Gateway Configuration, e.g. proxy name:port number, or If authentication is required for the proxy server, also enter the user name and password there.
  5. If the gateway is installed locally and points to a deployed server on a server: Alternatively, instead of the server name, enter the IP address of the server.
  6. The computer name should have at least 5 characters.
    Press "Windows" and "Pause" keys, here "Computer name" tab
    Right-click on My Computer - Properties and select the "Computer name" tab.
  7. Was the computer rebooted after the installation? A new boot is absolutely necessary.
  8. If an error message appears at startup: "No response from license server, request for license not possible" please restart the computer or go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services and start the Bentley SELECT Server Gateway service. If you do not have access to the administration, type services.msc in the DOS input, then the mask of services will open.
  9. Is a Select Server 2004 installed on the computer? This service must be stopped.
  10. Port 3998 must not be used. This can be checked via Start > Run > cmd > enter netstat -a. >> 3998 must not appear there.
  11. The service is usually logged in and started using the local system account. If the local system account is restricted, enter the user's login when logging in the service. This can be done via: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > Bentley Select Server Gateway > Properties > Login >: Set up this account with the user's login and password.
  12. If the user does not have enough rights, enter a login with admin rights when logging in the service. If the service is set to "start automatically", it does not matter later what you are logged in as. This can be achieved via: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > Bentley Select Server Gateway > Properties > Login > instead of Local System Account: Set up this account with Admin Login.

  13. Start > Settings Start > Settings > Control Panel > Network Connections > LAN > Properties > Internet Protocol> TCP/IP Area: Properties > Advanced > Options > Properties.
    >> Nothing must be restricted there.
  14. In the License Manager, click on "Tools" and "Send Logs" .
  15. In the installation path of the gateway, delete the LicenseConfiguration.xml file if it exists. E.g. Windows Explorer C:\Programs\Bentley\SELECTserverGateway\.
  16. Rename file.
  17. Check firewall settings. Ports 3998 and 80 must not be restricted
  18. Delete browser cookies 
  19. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Events > Application. Sort by source. Messages about Bentley.Selectserver.Gateway appear there. Error messages should appear here. It is best to create screenshots of these messages and send them to us by replying to a mail about this service request.
  20. In the License Tool, check if there is a license for SELECT Server Gateway.
  21. Are the system time and date correct? The date of the computer must not be in the future.
  22. Is the connection via https (ssl) set in the license manager? Try if the service can be started after disabling this option (or vice versa).


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