Cloud Services Subscription (CSS)

What is Cloud Services Subscription - and what is not

Cloud Services Subscription (CSS) is a payment model - annually budgeted subscription that covers monthly term licenses, CONNECT Edition cloud services, ProjectWise and AssetWise services, and Success Plans that allows you to pay for Bentley software and services. Your Bentley perpetual licenses are covered under SELECT or an Enterprise License Subscription.

CSS is not a licensing subscription and does not provide any licenses or entitlements to any products. 

With the CSS, you can subscribe to all of the applications (given your contract is Open Access), hosted and on-premises services, cloud services, and managed services required for project delivery or operation of any type of infrastructure.

Your application portfolio may consist of perpetual licenses covered under SELECT or annually renewed licenses enabled through an Enterprise License Subscription. The CSS is the only other program you need for all other offerings from Bentley, including:

Solve Your Software Budgeting Challenge

The CSS delivers complete predictability to your annual software budgeting. Your subscription level is set to an annual budget that matches your anticipated usage, and only actual usage each quarter is charged against the subscription balance. Any unused subscription balance is brought forward and never expires; there is no use it or lose it risk.

Unlimited Use of ProjectWise and AssetWise Servers

Under the CSS, you can eliminate capital and fixed costs for any server you choose to deploy on-premises. Access to ProjectWise or AssetWise is enabled through a Passport. Additional ProjectWise capabilities for specific individuals are licensed through the appropriate Visa. For AssetWise users, the desired capabilities are licensed by organization.

There are no license or SELECT fees for servers. Use an unlimited number of on-premises servers or choose to have the services hosted by Bentley. Implement the hybrid architecture that best meets your operational requirements.

Monthly Term Licensing

With term licensing under the CSS, your team gains anywhere and anytime access to Bentley’s comprehensive portfolio of applications. With a term license, you can quickly adapt to project or organizational requirements, and gain the same benefits that Enterprise License Subscribers have valued for years. And, under a CSS, your term license use is measured monthly, a significant advantage over the quarterly measurement for a standard term license.

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