SELECT Open Access

Bentley SELECT Open Access provides subscribers with portfolio-wide access so you can employ the best and most appropriate mix of Bentley applications for any discipline and every project.

With SELECT Open Access, organizations of any size will save time, enjoy added flexibility, and benefit from reduced administration, with comprehensive usage reporting to manage licenses and costs. SELECT Open Access eliminates the purchasing barriers to the most effective software utilization so that all Bentley applications are “instant-on” and at your service, so you don’t have to anticipate needs in advance - you can use any product available under the program that is not covered by your purchased licenses.

Any usage of Bentley applications in excess of your owned quantity is conveniently and automatically invoiced at the end of each calendar quarter (Quarterly Term License(s), or QTL in short). In case of having Cloud Service Subscription (CSS) the account is invoiced at the end of each month.

The list of eligible software included in the SELECT Open Access program can be found on the Services Portal -


In addition, SELECT Open Access provides on-demand and live training in the virtual classroom for new users through Bentley LEARN.

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