Install KB2999226 Before Continuing the Installation

Product(s):CONNECTION Client 


During the installation of the CONNECTION Client you receive the error "Install KB2999226 before continuing the installation."


The install will not continue until KB2999226 is installed. Please make sure to install the version per your operating system (32 or 64 bit).

Here's a link to the 32 bit version:

Here is a link to the 64 bit version:

Once KB2999226 is installed the CONNECITON Client will install.

If after installing the update you still get the error you can try using the following:

1. Open up a command prompt

2. Change directory to the folder that the CONNECTION Client executable is in

3. Run the following command:

blog10001931en.exe BeSkipKBCheck=1 (for 32 bit: Please change the name of the exe to match what you have downloaded)
blg6410001931en.exe BeSkipKBCheck=1 (for 64 bit version

4. After it runs the CONNECTION Client should install.

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