How to turn on/off levels in Drawing Sheet model when getting message "Level State is Controlled by

Product(s):OpenRoads Designer
Area: Drawing Production
Original Author:Holly Herring, Bentley Technical Support Group



The levels are grayed out in my Drawing and Sheet model for the referenced files. I get a message "Level State is Controlled by Saved View Level is ON in Active View" when I hover over a level. How can I change this to be able to control this within the Drawing or Sheet model?


This setting is being pulled from the dgnlib. The change can be done within the dgn or the dgnlib. It is recommended to apply it to the dgnlib if you want this setting across all drawing/sheet models. 

  1. Load the dgnlib that contains the Sheet Seeds and go to the Drawing Model's reference dialog box.
  2. Right click on the reference and select Settings.
  3. Set the Synchronize View to Settings from Design Model. Do this for the Sheet Model reference too. Now you can change levels.