New Service Request - NON-SELECT users

NON-SELECT users are presented with a simplified submission form:
Technical Support

Please fill out the form. There is guidance below on how to complete the entries.

FieldWhat to Enter
Licensing or Activation related issuePlease check this box if you cannot use, activate or install the product
ProductFree form search field that will populate product name as you type
VersionSelect from the list of versions applicable to the selected Product. If your version is not in the list choose the nearest and enter the actual version in the details
Product AreaChoose the most appropriate keyword from the list
Product LanguageSelect the language you use in the Product
SubjectEnter a short description of the issue (max 40 characters)
User Tracking NumberOptional field that can be used to map Bentley’s Service Request number to your own Support systems

Please provide as detailed description of the issue as possible, including where appropriate:
 • steps taken
 • full error details
 • whether the same happens for other users
 • how many times the issue has occurred - e.g. does it happen every time or is it intermittent?

Upload File

If suitable, attach a test case and/or screenshots that demonstrate the issue. Compressing, especially if multiple files is strongly recommended.

Click on Submit to Support button

Next page will confirm successful creation a of a new Service Request, please note the number (email address will also receive confirmation email)
confirmation page 


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