How to Create Entitlement Groups

While Subscription Entitlement Service can restrict product access by specific Bentley logins, it can also apply product restrictions to an Entitlement Group to which users can be assigned. This approach is considerably easier for an administrator to maintain for the following reasons:

  1. A concise list of allowed products is available when displaying an Entitlement Group.
  2. Products can be added or removed without adjusting any login-specific properties for end users.
  3. If multiple Entitlement Groups exist, users can be reassigned as needed.

Entitlement Groups can be created within User Management using the following instructions:

  1. Open the Subscription Services Portal.
  2. Locate the Resources section, and click on the User Management tile.
    Screenshot with User Management tile highlighted
  3. Click on the Manage button along the top, and then click the Manage Groups button.
  4. Click the green Add Group button in the upper right.
  5. In the window that appears, give your group a name. Also open the Group Type drop-down menu, and select Entitlement Group.
  6. Also open the Entitlement Country drop-down menu, and choose a country.
  7. Enter a group description if desired, and click the Save button.

  8. Your Entitlement Group will display in the list with a total of zero (0) users. Click the "..." link to assign users.

The following will appear - 

Choosing "Assign Group" will bring up the following -

You can search for individual users, or go page by page  and check off the users you wish to assign. After all the users you wish to add to the group have been selected, click "Submit". If this is an existing group with users already assigned, they will already be checked off. You can remove them from the group by unchecking their box and hitting "Submit".

You can also add or delete a user (or users) from groups by selecting a user, and then clicking on the "Assign / Modify Groups" button.

You will get the following screen with a list of groups that are available to assign the user to, note that you have to select the correct group type from the dropdown (User Groups, Allocation Groups, or Entitlement Groups") -

Note that only groups set up with the same entitlement country as the user will be displayed.

See the following WIKi for instructions on using Entitlement Groups to manage access -

Entitlement Groups - Managing Access

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