Unlocking a User Account


The Identity Management System (IMS) used for authentication of Bentley logins will lock a user account for security reasons, for example after too many password attempts, or if the user account was earlier unaffiliated from a company account. When an account is locked, an administrator must unlock the user account for the user before it can be used again. The instructions below describe how an administrator unlocks the user account.


When a user attempts to sign in with a Bentley login, an error reveals that the user account has been locked.

Screenshot of locked account


Perform the following steps to unlock the account:

  1. Navigate to the Subscription Services Portal, and sign in with a Bentley login containing the Co-Administrator role.
  2. Click on the User Management tile under Resources.
    Screenshot of User Management tile
  3. Search for the locked user account, and confirm whether the account is still locked. If locked, it should display a padlock icon. Hovering over the icon will reveal why the account is locked.
    Screenshot of locked user icon
  4. Select the checkbox to the left of the user account, and click the Unlock button above the list.
    Screenshot of Unlock User(s) icon
  5. Click Confirm in the dialog that appears.
    Screenshot of confirmation dialog

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