Working from Home using Bentley Licensing

The following information provides the current workflows for your Bentley applications, either using Subscription Entitlement Service or SELECTserver activation keys, in a work at home environment.  

What can we do to ensure our users’ workflows are uninterrupted? 

Your Bentley licenses will function as they normally would regardless of your location.  You will continue to receive the benefit of Pooled Licensing to allow you to work as needed, whether on your usual machine or in a remote environment.  

Will my current SELECTserver be able to provide remote licenses or do I need to move to Subscription Entitlement Service (SES)? 

Current versions of SELECTserver will continue to function and provide production licenses to remote users.  However, for the most efficient and controlled workflows currently available, using SES applications is recommended.  The SES licensing model provides the most flexibility and Administrative control. 

Please note - The SELECTserver Home Use Licenses, which provides self-learning licenses for a limited set of Bentley applications, are not for Production work as defined in the SELECT Agreement. 


To use SES Applications, please follow this process: 

1) Configure your machine in this order: 


2) Follow the material here to accomplish the steps above: 


Please note - Users needing to install software at home may require the Administrator to register users and/or provide access to ‘Product Delivery – Download’ roles or the installation files directly.

Click HERE for Instructions

A list of your Admins can be seen by going to Below the Welcome Banner, click on the 'How are you CONNECTED?' link; you will find a list of your site Administrators in the “Administrators” tab (with email addresses)  

3) Download the most recent version of the CONNECTION Client and your applications: Click HERE to Download

To ensure that you download an SES Application, select YES in the “Subscription Entitlement” field when searching for the program.

 4) An Administrator may decide to create users and groups, set Alerts for license notifications, check-out licenses for users who can’t connect to a network, or view current reports.  Please see the following videos: 

5) Sign in to use your applications.  Product activation for SES-based applications requires user sign-in to the CONNECTION Client to use the product. Although home network configurations are usually much simpler than office networks, please refer to the following CONNECTION Client FAQ if connectivity issues arise. Specifically refer to the question titled "Which domains does CONNECTION Client access?"

Please Note - SES applications may require sign-in every 7 days as a security measure.  This does NOT mean that you have a contract issue, it is a function of the application. If possible, please upgrade CONNECTION Client to ensure improvements to the automatic sign-process are incorporated.  Click HERE for instruction


To use SELECTserver activation keys, please follow this process: 

For older versions of software using SELECTServer, you will license your software in the same way as always

Click HERE for instructions  

You may choose to provide temporary activation keys instead of your production activation keys.  This may be done by following the instructions on Bentley Communities 

Please Note - For those with limited or no internet connectivity: 

As long as you have internet connectivity, your Bentley licensing will work as intended and you will not need to check out a license to work remotely.  If there is a requirement for extended offline scenarios beyond the offline period of the products (I.e. usually 7 days), both Subscription Entitlement Service and SELECTserver provides the capability to reserve or check out licenses.  For computers without internet connectivity, license files can be generated from the administration website by the Administrator from an internet-connected machine. 

Admin Check In and Out Instructions for SELECTserver based versions. Click HERE for instructions


If you have questions or restrictions not covered in the above instructions, please refer to our FAQ or the following resources designed to keep you productive during this challenging time. 

Resources for your licensing needs: 

Other language sources