How to fix the 3SM terrain that has been vertically offset when upgraded to ConceptStation U13


OpenRoads ConceptStation


I upgraded to OpenRoads ConceptStation version When I open my dgndb that was created in the previous version in this version, my terrain or 3sm file shifts vertically around 40-100 units up. How do I fix this?

Answer for 10.0.14 and newer

1. Open the DgnDb file

2. Go to the Information page of your project,  this is the second to last entry accessible from the left backstage menu

3. Use the Terrain Vertical Datum dropdown box to change the value from "Geoid" to "Ellipsoid" and then hit the Save icon

Answer for version

Before beginning, make a backup copy of your .3sm file. The workaround is to download/install the DB browser for SQLite and edit the GCS text.

Launch the DB browser for SQLite

Go to File > Open database and open the .3sm file

Go to the Browse Data tab

See the red arrows in the screen capture below

  1. Change to view the Table SMMasterHeader
  2. Click on the GCS column text
  3. On the left, replace the text as below
    1. From

      VERT_CS["Generic Geoid",VERT_DATUM["Generic Vertical Datum",2005]


      VERT_CS["Ellipsoid Height",VERT_DATUM["Ellipsoid",2002]

  4. Click Apply.
  5. File > Save All. Close program.
  6. Reopen the DgnDb with ConceptStation and verify that the elevation of the 3sm is corrected.