Bulk Checkouts

For extended offline scenarios beyond the offline period of products (i.e. usually seven days), Subscription Entitlement Service provides the capability to reserve or check out licenses. Computers with Internet access can reserve a license from the Bentley Licensing Tool. For computers without Internet access, license files can be generated from the Entitlement Management website by an administrator from an Internet-connected computer. Instructions are available for generating a license file for a single computer, but for several computers with the same set of checked out licenses, the following instructions should be used instead.


Admin - Generate License File

To create a check out, the first step is for an administrator or co-administrator to generate a license file. 

1. Navigate to the Bulk Checkout page using the link below.


2. On the Bulk License Checkout page, click the green New Checkout button at the top right of the page.

3. In the New Bulk Checkout screen click the Choose File button to select a CSV file containing the users you are checking the licenses out for. There is a link to download a sample and formatting guidelines for this CSV file. The file requires two columns

Once a CSV file is selected, it will be validated, and any errors will be displayed.

Otherwise, a green message will confirm proper formatting.

4. Enter a description for the bulk checkout. This is only to help you organize the bulk checkouts within Entitlement Management.

5. Enter the Application name and select it from the drop-down. A checkout may have multiple applications. Enter a valid version number for each application.

If the license covers child products, such as Structural Enterprise WorkSuite, you will be prompted to choose a specific product.

6. Select the expiration date for the checkout. The checkout will automatically expire at this date.

7. Click the green 'Bulk License Checkout' button. At this time, Bentley has begun recording 24/7 usage of the application until the license has been checked in. The browser will return to the Bulk License Checkout page. The new checkout will be displayed at the top of the list. The Status column will show progress of the checkout process.

8. Once complete, the Status column will update, and a Download link will appear in the Download column. Click it to download a zip archive containing the license files for all machines

9. Open the zip archive to see a list of license files. Each is encoded with a machine name.

.User - Import License File

1. Open Bentley Licensing Tool and click "File". You will have the option to import the license file by either File or Folder

2. Click on "Import Policy Folder". This will open the File Explorer. Locate the folder with the licenses that the administrator checked out in Entitlement Management. Navigate into the folder and then click "Select Folder".

3. The File Explorer window will close and return to the Bentley Licensing Tool. A message will pop up indicating that "The Policy file was successfully imported."

4. The bottom pane of the Checkout Licenses tab shows the active checkouts on your machine.

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