What is OpenRoads ConceptStation?

OpenRoads ConceptStation is a desktop application that lets you start your projects by rapidly creating conceptual designs in order to explore different design options.

Using OpenRoads ConceptStation, you can:

LumenRT Integration:

Starting with OpenRoads ConceptStation update 7, LumenRT will be a separate product and no longer integrated. LumenRT Designer will be provided with the product at no cost. If the full version of LumenRT is required, a license will need to be purchased.

With the new “plugin” workflow (using LumenRT as an external application), users will export their scene and an instance of the installed LumenRT product will be started.

If changes are done within the ConceptStation model, it will have to be exported again to see the changes in LumenRT, all the while keeping the objects that had been previously placed with LumenRT.


As explained in the attached screen capture, using LumenRT Designer implies some limitations, such as:

A LumenRT Pro license should be purchased to remove these limitations.

The advantage of this new configuration is that once the model is exported to LumenRT, OpenRoads ConceptStation can be closed to free up a license for other users. It will also reduce resource consumption on the user’s machine.