Real time Application Usage


Allows live monitoring of which Bentley desktop applications are in use and who is using them. Only products that are in use with Subscription Entitlement Service are included.

The report is refreshed automatically every minute, but application is shown as in use for a full 10 minute interval in which it was stopped (i.e. 0-9, 10-19, 20-29, etc.). Bentley’s usage logging system processes and stores data in 10-minute intervals. It is Bentley’s policy to use the 10 minute interval as our most granular time segment. 

This report does not show usage of Virtuoso entitlements.


Users with at least one of the following roles are able to access the report:


  1. Go to the Subscription Analytics
  2. Click on the Real Time Application Usage icon



Layout - Summary

The report will have one box for each Bentley application currently available. By default, the report only includes Bentley applications actively in use. The View All checkbox may be toggled in the upper right-hand corner to include those that are not actively in use. Only products that are in use with Subscription Entitlement Service can be marked as ‘In Use’:




Name of the Bentley Application.

In Use

The number of IMS users actively using the application. If a single user is using the application on multiple machines, the user will only be counted once.


The number of IMS users that may use the application until the Account Admin is notified about the usage. This is set in the License Alerting section of Entitlement Management

Covered Quantity

The covered number of licenses, if applicable.

Current Usage

The Slider bar counts the number of IMS users currently in Use. The bar is filled as a fraction based upon the number of In Use over the number of Covered Quantity. A bell icon is displayed at the Notify threshold.

Green: Indicates Use that is less than Covered Quantity

Orange: Indicates Use that is in excess of Covered Quantity.

Red: Indicates Use that is in excess of the Notify threshold.

Layout – Details

Clicking on the application name will display the details of who is using the application:




The First and Last Name of the user.


The name of the machine. If the user is using the application on multiple machines, a new row will be created in this list with the subsequent machine’s name.


The Microsoft Datacenter that the traffic came in from.  Microsoft handles routing traffic to the closest available data center from the location that the traffic originated. This often (but not always) indicates the general region of where the usage takes place: traffic is going through a secure system might show a different source than expected.  It may also be that the closest datacenter was under maintenance and the traffic got routed to another one. Please note that using VPN affects this.

It also indicates if the usage is from a Check Out.


The email address of the user.


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