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There may be an occasion where you have to download the CONNECTION Client from Software Downloads. Below are the steps on how to accomplish that.


Please make sure that upgrade is performed while logged in as a local Windows administrator account - for more information, see:

CONNECTION Client update fails or causes sign in issues if user doesn't have local admin rights

Option 1


"Download" role is required to enter Software Downloads, which can be assigned by account administrator/co-administrator. For more details, see article: Managing Roles

  1. Navigate to the CONNECT Center
  2. Sign in
  3. Click on the Software Downloads tile under My Services

  4. Type CONNECTION Client  in the Search by product name field.
  5. Select the Brand as 'Bentley Cloud Services' from drop down.
  6. Click on Apply.


      7.  On CONNECTION client click on Get Software.


     8.  Click on Download.


Option 2

You can download CONNECTION Client at this link: CONNECTION Client Page

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